La Bodega Negra


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La Bodega Negra.

By Louisa Richwhite

Head through a sex shop facade to get to La Bodega Negra – a lively restaurant dishing up Mexican style street food.

La Bodega Negra
16 Moor St
Covent Garden
(+44) 20 7758 4100

Set in the depths of Soho, La Bodega Negra is suitably hidden inside a seedy looking sex shop. But there are two parts to this Mexican lair. There is the café and tacqueria on Moor Street, but ignore that and creep around the corner to Old Compton Street where you will find yourself drawn towards ‘Adult Video’ and ‘Peep Show’ neon lights.

You walk into a little room where a bondage dummy props up the coat rack and there are cabinets of erotic paraphernalia. Once through the façade and downstairs, La Bodega is a vaulted candlelit den with intimate nooks, battered concrete walls, a deconstructed piano and old tequila barrels.

Drink yourself happy with their huge selection of tequila cocktails, and don’t miss the tuna avocado and jalapeno tostaditas and the pork belly carnitas.

Always buzzing, with the best music in Soho, La Bodgea is London’s hottest basement. Ensure you book well in advance and reserve the “downstairs” restaurant.

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