Craft London


The essential companion for the astute globetrotter


Craft London.

By Claire Sullivan

A trio of floors offering the best of Britain.

Craft London
Peninsula Square
Greenwich Peninsula
+44(0)20 8465 5910

The brainchild of Stevie Parle and design visionary Tom Dixon, this New British institution boasts a trio of floors that encompass a restaurant, cafe, cocktail bar and shop that is crammed with the best of what the Brits have to offer. With a focus on dishes that exclusively spotlight the country’s tenderly cared for produce, from coffee roasters to beekeepers, whether you choose to stop in to soak up the view during the day, for the full Tom Dixon visual feast, you’ll want to witness the riverside design destination when the sun goes down. While one could go alone, it is imperative that you coral some company so you can sample the signature whole clay-baked duck with honey, broad bean and barley “miso’ with pickled vegetables and a side of to-die-for side miniature hearth-baked potatoes.

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